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Please note, the shown menus are a sample of what we offer and are subject to change.

We ask that you kindly adhere to all COVID guidances,

and also please keep children seated at all times.

Children must be accompanied to Toilets


Sweet tooth? Fancy a treat?

We have a great selection of desserts available throughout the year.

Sticky Toffee Pudding:                                                                                                                     £6.75

Traditional Steaming Home-made Sticky Toffee Pudding, smothered in Butterscotch Sauce

and Served with Cream or Di Rollo’s Ice Cream.


Di Rollo’s Ice Cream:                                                                                                                       £5.75

Selection of Award Winning Di Rollo’s Ice Cream, topped with Sauce and Fan Wafer.


Crumble of the Moment:                                                                                                                £6.75

Chef’s own Bubbling Crumble with a crispy Topping, Served with Custard or Ice Cream.       


Chocolate Fudge Cake:                                                                                                                  £6.75

Yummy Warm Chocolate Sponge layered with soft Chocolate Fudge, Served with Di Rollo’s               

Ice Cream or Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

Lemon Meringue Pie:                                                                                                                       £6.75

Lemon filled sweet pastry, topped with browned Mallow Meringue served with Cream or Ice Cream.


Belgian Waffles:                                                                                                                                £6.75

Hot Belgian Waffle served with Di Rollo’s Ice Cream and Seasonal Fresh Fruit.and Topped

with Dessert Sauce

Teas & Coffees

Liqueur Coffee’s

Irish (Bushmills Whiskey)  £4.95

Russian Coffee (Vodka)  £4.95

Jamaican (Rum)  £4.95

Highland (Whisky)  £4.95

Café Royale (Cognac)  £5.75

Baileys £5.75


Freshly Brewed Coffee’s

Cappuccino  £2.95

Latte   £2.95

Black or White Coffee  £2.95

Hot Chocolate   £2.95

Espresso (single shot)   £1.80

Espresso (double shot)   £2.95

 Pot of Tea  £2.75

Pot of Instant Coffee   £2.75

Pot of Decaffeinated Coffee  £2.75

Speciality Teas   £2.95


Food Allergies and Intolerances

Before Ordering Please Speak To our Staff about your Requirements...

As our dishes are prepared to order, your patience is appreciated – Thank you.

We will keep you advised on your order.

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